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Human dignity and solidarity as pillars  for a new European asylum system


Related to the European Commissions's proposal for a new compromise for the European Asylum System published on 23rd of September 2020 IXE published the attached statement. 


The present reform proposal must be adopted and serve as a first compromise which must be followed by further steps so that we in Europe can finally regain a functioning and humane asylum system.


The declaration was translated by the members into their languages and distributed in the countries.


Download declaration: EN, FRDE, DU




Solidarity in Europe and worldwide
IXE on the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Plan


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the publication of the Schuman Plan on 9th May 2020 the members of the "Initiative Christians for Europe (IXE)" call for greater solidarity in Europe and worldwide. We trust in the strength and the potential of the community of European states.

But we also stress the need to look beyond the current crisis and to set now the framework for a socially and ecologically acceptable global cooperation. It was not only the current corona pandemic that has made clear in recent weeks how closely we are linked in Europe and throughout the world.


The declaration was translated by the members into their languages and distributed in the countries.


Download declaration: EN



European Parliament Elections, May2019,  IXE CALL FOR ACTION in EN

Other language versions  FR, DE, PL, ES, HR, Català


“Initiative Christians for Europe” (IXE ), founded in 2006 to advocate the European Project from a Christian perspective, publish this call in preparation for the May 2019 elections to the European Parliament. This call is not just addressed to politicians but also to individual citizens. It aims to mobilize the electorate, especially young people, since low turnout is a serious threat to a genuine European democracy.



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